Daddys Holdins

Yah I know it doesn't show the strike price or expiration. To see it, log into RH and click the links.


Wizdaddy is a powerful sorceror who enters parlance with the Ancient Gods to come up with option recommendations. These recommendations are mostly random. With a spattering of hip-firing, untested TA built in.

Currently he also automatically buys stuff on my robhinshod account and that what u see at the top.

Wizdaddy almost certainly will not make you rich. You will likely lose money following him. But it's not about the money. It's about following his orders, and feeling his love flow through you.

there are many things wrong with him. his suggestions are sometimes trash. i know. im working on improving him. And this UI was made in a few hours last night so yeah i know it sucks dont bother me i need to sleep.